Bridge Construction Laborer

Chariton, IA posted on January 25

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Salary Range: Can make up to $21.24 depending on location of projects. 

Herberger Construction Company, Inc. is primarily a heavy highway construction company based in Indianola, Iowa. Our primary focus is bridge construction, but we also drive piling and construct flood and retaining walls, pump stations and culverts. Herberger Construction received an AGC award from a committee of peers, based on quality of work, job particulars, budget and other criteria. 

Check out a few of our projects:

Like a road's base installation, Herberger Construction employees form the foundation of our business. 

We are a 3rd generation company that has been in business in Iowa for over 70 years. While we typically operate in central Iowa, we have built bridges in all 99 counties and completed a bridge in Lawrence, Kansas in 2009.

Job Description: 

Construction laborers typically do the following:

  • Clean and prepare construction sites by removing debris and possible hazards. 
  • Load or unload building materials to be used in construction. 
  • Build of take apart bracing, barricades, forms, scaffolding, and temporary structures. 
  • Dig trenches, back-fill holes, or compact earth to prepare for construction. 
  • Operate or tend equipment and machines used in construction, such as a cutting torch. 
  • Help other craft workers with their duties. 
  • Follow construction plans and instructions from the people they are working for. 
  • Climbing ladders and working on uneven ground. 
  • Working outdoors in all seasons.
  • Being able to work together as a team. 


  • Report each day on time ready and willing to work.
  • Ensure reliable transportation to job-site. 
  • Ensure project safety rules and environmental regulations are followed at all times. 
  • Standard hand tools (Power tools supplied)
  • Communicate daily with superintendent, and/or project manager. 
  • Take direction provided by the superiors and implement construction industry best practices to complete the tasks assigned. 


  • Experience on heavy highway construction projects. 
  • Must be comfortable working at heights. 
  • Understanding of safety risks (OSHA) and the precautions required to eliminate those risks. 
  • Must have good communication skills. 
  • Thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction materials, tools, equipment, and methods. 
  • Ability to think clearly in critical and high pressure situations. 
  • Minimum of one year construction experience. 
  • High School Diploma/GED is required. 

Important Qualities

Math Skills: Laborers need to perform basic math calculations to do their job. They often help with measuring on job-sites or they may be part of a surveying crew. 

Mechanical Skills: Laborers frequently are required to operate and maintain equipment, such as a jackhammer. 

Physical Stamina: Laborers must have endurance to preform strenuous tasks throughout the day. Highway laborers, for example, spend hours on their feet--often in hot/cold temperatures--with few breaks. 

Physical Strength: Laborers often must lift heavy materials of equipment up to 75+ lbs. 

Benefits: Union Benefits after 600 Hrs. 

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $19.25 to $21.24

Required education:

  • High School or equivalent 

Required experience:

  • Construction: 1 year
  • Bridge building: 1 year

Required license of certification:

  • Driver's License