• Entry-Level Fabricators | $15.00+ | Full-Time in Ames | Mon-Fri

Ames, IA posted on January 18

Are you ready to take your basic welding skills to the next level?  Are you seeking a smaller company where you can invest in a welding and fabricating career?  NOW is the time to join the PMI Iowa family!

PMI is seeking welding candidates who are ready to refine their skills in order to become exceptional metal fabricators.  We will build on your current welding background and provide a path for long-term employment.  PMI is a growing, family-owned company serving a variety of agricultural industries.

Even if your welding experience is only classes from school, or a current hobby, PMI is looking for those who want to turn their welding into a career.  Strong candidates will be considered who demonstrate ...

... effective communication skills, especially in a group environment to build a strong production team.

... a willingness to learn, follow and exceed all OSHA safety policies relevant to the work at hand.

... a reliable and consistent work ethic, including how you learn from on-the-job training.

... a basic understanding of MIG welding, metal fabrication and using hand tools.

... the ability to read blueprints and assemble from those drawings.

... specific examples of pursuing excellence when at work.

PMI Iowa has a long history of providing unique and valuable services to the bulk-material handling, processing and agricultural industries.  The superior performance and appearance of PMI projects are the result of more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

If you are looking to expand your skills and advance your career at PMI, apply today!

PMI Iowa offers:

* Full-Time Employment
* Competitive Health Insurance
* Optional Dental and Vision Insurance
* 401(k) Employer Match
* … and More!