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 About Us - CSI Iowa

Central Iowa Ready-Mix is comprised of Concrete Supply (CSI) and Iowa State Ready Mix (ISRM). With multiple plants conveniently located throughout Western and Southwestern IA, Des Moines metro, Ames and Omaha, Ne.; including two portable plants for best access to job sites.


Central Iowa Ready-Mix provides the best quality ready mix concrete. Utilizing newer trucks, equipment, putting safety first and quality employees has helped us serve the area and grow for over 100 years.

General Description of the Duty Assignment

  • Safely drive, operate, and insure the proper servicing and maintenance of assigned ready mix truck or material truck.


Essential Duties

  • Drive on Public roadways and construction sites in accordance with safe and prudent practice, DOT regulations, public safety laws, OSHA regulations, and the Company’s Safety Program.
  • Operate and deliver materials on assigned vehicles in a safe, legal, efficient, and professional manner without additional training.
  • Verify specification and order compliance for the materials delivered.
  • Operate assigned vehicle in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations, Company policies and procedures, and safe practice.
  • Take special efforts to satisfy client requirements.
  • Complete and submit all executed delivery orders.
  • Use sound judgment in all driving and site conditions. Drive safely and carefully.  Comply with all traffic laws.  Adjust driving to the conditions.  Take all necessary precautions to protect assigned vehicle and other’s property.
  • Frequently report to the dispatcher using correct communication procedures concerning delivery status, and properly operate the vehicle’s “status box.”
  • Accurately complete daily "Pre-trip" and "Post-trip" Inspection Reports for all assigned vehicles and equipment.
  • Keep assigned trucks and equipment in a safe and proper mechanical condition, correctly maintained and clean inside and outside the truck. Insure the proper servicing and maintenance of assigned vehicle.  Perform minor repairs and service when necessary.
  • Perform minor repairs and maintenance on assigned truck and equipment as directed, including greasing, hose changing, bolt tightening, etc.
  • Perform duties as directed related to assigned vehicle, the plant and plant site.
  • Work proficiently in a team organization.
  • Work effectively under time and scheduling deadlines.
  • Must be professional, friendly, cooperative, positive, and courteous in manner and presentation.
  • Must be well groomed and present a professional appearance.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively.




Conditions of Employment (hours, place of employment)

  • Starting time as required by production schedules or completion deadlines, Monday through Friday with weekend and some holiday and evening work required, generally 60-hours per week during the construction season.
  • This is a “Seasonal Position” where hours can be greatly reduced during the cold weather season.
  • Assigned to ready mix plant as directed.


Technical and Educational Qualifications (licenses, skills, degrees, capabilities, training certifications, language and reading abilities)

  • High school diploma.
  • Appropriate CDL driver’s license and all applicable license endorsements. Must possess a driving record that does not cause an adverse insurance risk rating or premium increase.
  • Must pass the D.O.T. physical.
  • Must be able to perform basic mathematical functions including adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division accurately.
  • Must possess knowledge of Company policies and procedures, including safety.
  • Must be proficient at reading, understanding, and speaking the English language.
  • Must consistently produce an efficient, accurate work product.


Work Experience Qualifications

  • Familiarity with heavy truck driving, construction or ready mix experience preferable.


Position Special Qualifications (special skills, leadership abilities, experience, communication abilities, achievements)

  • Must have a personal telephone or cell phone.
  • Must exhibit working sound judgment in operation of assigned vehicles.
  • Must exhibit an unequivocal commitment to the Company's goals and vision.
  • Must exhibit an unequivocal commitment to TOTAL SERVICE and TOTAL QUALITY.


Physical Requirements (lifting, climbing, agility, repetitions, environmental conditions, exterior or interior conditions, eye-hand coordination)

  • Must test negative on the pre-employment drug-screening test.
  • Must pass the D.O.T. physical and employment physical every two years.
  • Must possess normal eyesight, quick reaction time, and unimpaired eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.
  • Must be capable of driving off-road vehicles for extended periods.
  • Does not have allergic reactions to concrete, or its raw materials or usual additives, gasoline, diesel fuels or lubricants.
  • Requires physical exertion, standing, walking, and/or climbing in various climates and ground conditions, including temperature extremes, rain, wind, and snow for extended lengths of time.
  • Must withstand continuous exposures to wind, dust, fumes, and noxious odors.
  • Must possess unrestricted mobility to twist, turn, bend, and lean in all directions, lookup, down and side to side without hesitation or discomfort.
  • Except for conventional corrective aids, must possess normal eyesight, depth of perception, field of vision, normal hearing, quick reaction time, unimpaired eye-hand coordination, and manual dexterity.
  • Must possess the strength, mobility, agility, and balance to ascend access ladders and steps, and to maneuver on equipment and vehicles without assistance.
  • Must repetitively climb and dismount from a high vehicle cab 50-times a day.
  • Must repetitively lift up to 60-pounds, 50-times a day.
  • Must possess sufficient strength to operate equipment controls and tools weighing up to 20-pounds for uninterrupted periods of up to 4-hours continuously.
  • Skeletal, joint and muscle system must withstand continuous impact from driving activities.